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I'm Still No.1

2018-07-08 aaron harristestimonies


“I’m Still #1”

People still takin’ rappin’ for a joke A passing hope or a phase with a rope Sometimes I choke and try to believe When I get challenged by a million MCs I try to tell them, “We’re all in this together!” My album was raw because no one would ever Think like I think and do what I do I stole the show, and then I leave without a clue

BDP, “I’m Still #1” lyrics by KRS-ONE

Years ago it was the majority opinion in the United States that hip-hop or rap music was a passing fade, nothing to bank on or not real music. These statements about hip-hop being a fade or a trend personally offended me, I was convinced it was here to stay. I was not alone with my love of hip-hop; thus, hip-hop became the voice of youth culture from the 1987 and has grown, now in 2018 hip-hop reigns as the dominant music world-wide. I am a fan of BDP particularly KRS-ONE the emcee of the above mentioned song “I’m Still #1” which was one of my theme songs of my early years.

This same story of hip-hop not being accepted by the mainstream is happening in the web development world. Cloud based “Headless CMS” (content management system) is the new kid on the block standing in contrast to the traditional dynamic website paradigm. As mentioned with hip-hop I am convinced about its fierceness and staying power. This is a narrative of the virility of the “Headless CMS” movement.

Traditional CMS

Traditionally, dynamic websites are partnered with serve-side databases Content Management tools such as Word Press or Drupal (using the PHP language) to communicate with their remote database. Plus a host of others issues.

illustration https://hackernoon.com/how-i-built-a-cms-and-why-you-shouldnt-daff6042413a

Headless CMS

Contrast “Traditional CMS” to the new kid on the block known as “Headless CMS” system that uses no middle-man only such as Word Press or the above mentioned tools or the head of the CMS (Content Management System). The new approach “Headless CMS” the software communicates via API to the CMS back-end. Thus, is simplifying the dynamic website approach reducing it to code, content and no PHP coding. Giving the advantages of managed user identity, HTML forms, and even AWS Lambda functions with ease.

These benefits of the “Headless CMS” system will reduce the barriers of entry and difficulty of using serve-side databases, no need for Word Press or Drupal or the necessity to learn PHP; thus, the future will be shaped with JavaScript, HTML and CSS / SCSS. With the advent of Netlify (Netlify.com) working as the conduct to the “Headless CMS” world we can benefit by building, deploying and manage modern progressive websites. In conclusion with the image, style and swagger of hip-hop music the new kid on the block in the world of web development is “Headless CMS” and it’s here to stay. Similar to KRS-ONE and BDP who professed that they are “I’m Still #1” I believe that “Headless CMS” via Netlify is the new “#1” in the world of web development.


“Find your voice, shout it from the rooftops, and keep doing it until the people that are looking for you find you” - Dan Harmon