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2018-06-14 aaron harristestimonies

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What’s my story?

Who am I really? What is my real motivation? Why do I do what I do? Where do I see myself going?

Who, what, why, and where questions typically get to the bottom-line in most stories. The story of Aaron Harris is not typical. I am an ambitious, curious, and adventurous person. Living in a world where everyone fits into a certain box; fortunately, that’s not me. I am a renaissance man of the arts, a musician a heart I play various instruments, raise equestrian animals, play tennis; I have programmed computers since the beginning days of the Internet. Computers are my passion from working on Logic (audio program) to writing code in React JS, that’s really who I am a “computer nerd” that is about the business of being “FLY”.

My motivation is to be the best that person that I can be. I have taken a personal oath to be better than myself (meaning to improve day-to-day, year-to-year). Thus, if you know me you’ll realize that I am always learning something new or in school of some kind. I am passionate about evolving and changing.

Why do I do it? It’s in my DNA. I’m a product of hard working parents Earl & Deborah Harris. My parents invested in me like a stock product and it’s my goal to make a profit of my life.

Where do I see myself going? I am going VIRAL! I am going to use the Internet to evangelize web development, music, and anything that’s pushing the envelope of creativity (errthang that’s DOPE). That’s the mission statement of my blog site to push the envelope of creativity, newness, intelligence, and above all what’s DOPE. There are no obstacles other than one’s that I allow to block me, hate on me, stifle me, meaning ain’t nothing stopping me or causing me to turn down the volume of my spirit.

Thus, continue to follow me because it’s going to be LIVE, definitely of the BOX.