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The end is the beginning!

2018-06-11 aaron harristestimonies


The end is the beginning!

The “the end is the beginning” is the closing statement of Dave Crosland’s “Ego Rehab” (twitter @DaveCrosland) which is the inspiration of this post.

In a web development environment you often have a goal of finishing a site or an idea; yet, once you complete that goal it becomes apparent that more work is necessary. Updating the site or blog, adding new features, or even an API modification, all of the mentioned issues, require more work from the developer or custodian of the site.

Thus, the title of this post “The end is the beginning”, meaning the work does not stop. My inspiration for this post, as mentioned, comes from reading a comic from Dave Crosland entitled “Ego Rehab” which is narrative about being productive and creative; culminating, with the premise that “the end is the beginning” or in my Nate Dogg voice that “The game don’t wait”, meaning you have to keep-going, keep-pushing, and stay creative.

If you want to be a WINNER, (I want to be a WINNER, as a matter of fact I am a WINNER that is currently WINNING), the truth is there is no end to the pursuit of winning (that’s my theory). @practicingdev posted this on Twitter:

“Be a developer of more than just code. Develop ideas, Develop relationships. Develop solutions to human problems”. - September 14, 2017

With that being said, I decided to write this post as an inspiration to the creative minds of the world to let your proverbial light shine and show the world what you got! Despite problems and issues we must keep pushing ahead to see our goals become a success. Let’s create!!!!!