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The New "New-Thing"

2018-07-01 aaron harrissayings


Like “Jack and Coke” is a standard combination for a mixed drink; thus, Gatsby and Netlify is for web development.

The new “new thing” is Gatsby JS and Netlify. Gatsby JS is “the latest web technologies –React JS , Webpack , modern JavaScript and CSS”*; and, Netlify is static web deployment that goes beyond the pal. Netlify gives static websites the powers of global deployment, https, html forms, and user identity. Replacing the your hosting and deployment protocol with simplicity of the Netlify experience. Merging Gatsby JS and Netlify in my opinion is the new style of web development for 2018.

Like Jack Daniels and Coke, or Peanut butter and Jelly, Gatsby JS and Netlify is the new standard.

You want lightning fast websites, with dynamic abilities?

Try Gatsby JS & Netlify.



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