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Tools of the trade

2018-06-18 aaron harristestimonies

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Tools of the trade.

All construction workers basically have the same tool belt, consisting of a tape measure, hammer, screwdriver, pliers, and various other tools of the trade. This analogy relates to most industries in our modern society. For example a doctor has a stethoscope, or a Police Officer carries a gun. These are simple examples of tools of the trade per occupation.

The premise of this article is to demonstrate how well we are connected. What really catches my attention is how connected the development world is to the Twitter application. Developers post their achievements on Twitter with a link to the GitHub page and within minutes sites and applications are being built with the new repo. Prior Developers worked independently and the process to integrate sites was laborious. Now, with just a few clicks, it’s done almost instantaneously. It is amazing how much the world has progressed; thus, that’s the reason for the post.

If you’re not on Twitter ask yourself why not? Twitter is cracking.

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Working in an Agile (development) environment there are tools that are universal such as:

Dev Repos Social Dev Tools
GitHub Twitter Web Pack
GitLab LinkedIn Node JS
BitBucket Slack PHP
Telegram React JS
Word Press