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You have to be a fan!

2018-07-06 aaron harrissayings


You have to be a fan first!

While reading Austin Kleon’s book “Show Your Work!” he emphasizes that “if you want fans, you must be a fan first”. If you want acceptance or membership into a community you must become a contributor and a fan of other contributors. Taking the position that you only focus on your own accomplishments, opinions, or work is wrong. The idea is to become the plug or the flashlight to shine on others brilliance. If you want recognition you must recognize others. Spread the love or knowledge it has a contagious affect that it comes back to you; so, who is your inspiration? The practice of recognizing others contributions over time you get the reputation of the person who is connected or a taste make of the culture.

Obviously I am fan Austin Kleon.

So, who are you a fan of?